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Refresh Our Outside Spaces

4 May 2021
shallow focus photography of white flowers

What a week to celebrate our outside spaces! With some lockdown restrictions easing, we are now stepping ever closer to seeing our friends in our own gardens, and sharing those smiles in the sunshine again. Things are certainly moving in a better direction!

Our outside spaces have been so important for our wellbeing in this last year. They have also needed to be multi-functional , so they can be used by the whole family. No matter what outside space we have, from a small city balcony to country acres, we can all make the best of these spaces, to make them work for us.

Welcome episode two of our new Spring blog series. This week we will be discussing how to make the most of our styling our outside space, and also getting ideas of design schemes to find inspiration for your own gardens.

Once you have read this blog, pop over to Claire where she will continue the discussion on quick wins and must haves to get our outside spaces looking great for company.


With so many options available, often its difficult to know where to start! Deciding on a colour scheme for your outside space, can really help to push you in a direction to achieve the look you’re after.

Once you have created the scheme for your garden, it helps you to then decide the types of plants to include in your design. Whether they are potted, planted or hanging, plants then complete the feel of your garden.

This week I have created several garden design mood boards using different colour palettes, including the 2021 Pantone colours of the year (Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow). For each mood board, I’ve also included furniture and styling ideas to compliment the scheme. It is so fun to play around with colour and all of the different looks that can be created. Colour palettes are so varied that if you chose one of the palettes below, you could create a totally different look to mine, as the options are endless.

All this week, i’ll be sharing each of the mood boards in more detail and discussing the styling options. This will be via my social media, and you will also be able to reference back to them via my website.



Berber Luxe: 

This is a palette we will se a lot of this year. Its earthy, grounding and secure, and suitable for all seasons. This scheme has an informal, calming feel. Its understated and welcoming.


Cottage Core: 

This palette honours all things vintage. Cottage Core is a soft palette scheme that has been around for a while and it is effortlessly timeless! Its completely elegant and graceful, and doesn’t expect perfection.


Metro Calm:

This design works well from an inner city to a larger suburban garden space. Its cool, calm and chic. The colour blue exudes tranquility and breathes serenity into a more bustling living area.



A celebration of all things, vibrant, fun and expressive. This is a design full of joy and positive, uplifting energy. Even on the greyest of days this scheme shouts Happiness!


Country Noir:

Oozing sleek sophistication this design I’ve created is a very distinctive adult space with clean lines and a smart feel, just using vibrant green plants to soften the edges and create screening. The black in this palette provides an indulgent vibe.


Opulent Boho:

A design from my own, maximalist heart! This scheme is embracing and flamboyant, yet natural, warm and earthy. Its a beautiful mix of textures from velvets, rattan and marble, all in one luxurious space.

As you can see we can use our choice of colours to inspire our entire outside spaces, and the design styles are endless.

Ive touched on just six of my designs but via my website and social media these will be discussed in further detail. I hope you have felt inspired!

So what palette will you choose?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for some help in bringing your ideal outside space together.

Pop over now to Claire Parkin where we continue this discussion on creating and styling your garden to share with family and friends. See you in the next episode where we will discuss more about outside spaces.