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Enjoy your own Retail Therapy, at HOME

30 November 2020

Retail therapy, it really is a thing! We have all experienced the feeling of joy found in buying something new. Especially when its what we really wanted even if it didn’t come at quite the right time. Studies have shown that shopping for pleasure actually releases Serotonin so we all end up full of those ‘feel good hormones’. This, in balance is great!! However this feeling can also become a craving, particularly when the world around us seems like its totally losing the plot!

Welcome to episode 4 in our blog series, this week we are going to discuss ways we can in effect ‘shop our own homes’ by re-styling and making better use of what we have. This also creates that ‘new purchase’ happy vibe. Giving something or some items a fresh lease of life and keeping your bank account happier!!

The Four Seasons

Our environment changes dramatically through the 4 seasons of the year, this likewise changes the way we behave in those environments during those seasons. Moving from a cool, fresh, light and active springtime, to long, lazy and hot summer days, then the turning of the leaves on a crisp autumnal walk and lastly nestling in for cold, dark winter evenings.

Home retailers also keep up with these changes by offering new products and offers across all ranges for each room of the home. From cups to carpets, everything is season led!

We are bombarded daily with shopping apps, adverts and online ‘buy now and don’t miss out offers’.

How can we avoid feeling the pressure to keep up, not spend too much yet still have the new purchase feeling and a lovely styled home?

Simply put ‘LOVE YOUR HOME SEASON STAPLES’. Re-style them and use them in different areas of your home. Also, think about multi purposes for the same item. Once the season changes, pop them away so they can be revived next year. Like a old friend coming to stay!!


For example, how lovely is it to pull out the huge fur throw or chunky knit blankets during the autumn months? Or falling back onto a plump sofa full of soft, warm velvet cushions? Pulling out the heavy winter duvet? Or even having a deep pile rug underfoot and the log bucket full next to a crackling fire?

However, this would all be far too much on a 30° summer day. Our environments change to needing lighter weight linens and cotton textures in our home, clearer shelves for lower maintenance during active summer days, space for our plants to grow and lighter rugs under foot. Not forgetting chairs in the garden!

Loving and relying on our staples means that by spending a little on accessories now and then, your seasonal interiors will always feel fresh, new and revived.

Change things up a bit:

Break the cycle of using the same item in the same room or spot!

The smallest of changes make the biggest difference. We all have those multipurpose possessions, what role do you change yours to?

Here are just a few ideas. Below is a bamboo small portable floor stand. This has so many uses! For example, a magazine stand, a plant stand, towel rack, toy shelf, etc.


In these 2 examples I have shown the bamboo rack in its usual home next to the bath, here its used for towel storage and sits perfectly under the shallow angle of the roof. Then you’ll see the bamboo rack homing the lovely Prayer plant in the main bathroom. Short stands are easy to move around and really create a lovely focal point no matter where they are!

The same old shelf you see everyday, but with some added care and seasonal attention.


Above is a centre piece of most front rooms, the Mantlepiece. During lighter summer months this shelf is kept very botanical, plants love being here and enjoy the light from the window. For a more Autumnal feel, I switch out plants for more decorative items and candles. Shown above are a set of three velvet mushrooms from the lovely ‘Josie’s Interiors’ – find him in instagram!

All year round, swapping this Mantlepiece about, creates a lovely feel to this room.

Even that day in and day out forgettable room, can really make you smile!

Below is a family utility room, a hubbub of washing, ironing and products to keep the home running. BUT, just with some attention to detail and better storage, it becomes a much nicer space that we need to spend time in!


Natural baskets are much more appealing for storage solutions, we all have ironing and washing but they don’t all need to sit in plastic! Just spending a little time clearing away the clutter and using nicer storage to organise the products, creates a much calmer space. Keeping a space clearer also doesn’t distract from the efforts that you made to decorate the room originally.

So just take a step back, look around you and make sure that before you feel the urge to buy more things for your home, you are already making the most of what you have!

“Happiness is found in wanting what you have and not just always having what you want”

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